ASL Liners works with some of the worlds largest fashion and apparel companies to manage complex global supply chains, spanning global garment manufacturing hubs,
fast growing consumer markets across Asia and the Middle East, and mature economies across North America and Europe. ASL Liners works with retailers to design industry specific logistics solutions, empowering customers with EDI integration, visibility down
advanced data and analytics, and more. ASL Liners also provides a range of value-added services like localized packaging, labelling, direct-to-store and smaller package consolidation, as well as reverse logistics management

We offer sub-sector-specific services including:

Garments on hangers (GoH)

  • Just in time delivery and Unassisted nighttime deliveries (UND)
  • Part and full load delivery capability
  • Protective packaging and Package solutions
  • Localized packaging
  • Smaller-package consolidation
  • Press Shipments: Time critical deliveries of individual pieces
  • Solutions for transport and packaging
  • Integrated and individual supply chain strategies
  • Last mile delivery across South East Asia US EU and Middle East